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Live Music


DJ Neerav’s latest project (Sunya) seamlessly fuses global acoustic and electronic beats, and is in collaboration with outstanding local producer Jean-Francois Matte. The style is psy-midtempo, with warm acoustic instrumentation on top.


Taina is a wonderful project with Brazilian singer Ina Filip along with local violinist / guitarist Guillaume Duscheneau. They headlined the prestigious closing ceremony of the 2015 edition of Open Mind.


Oshuna is another world fusion project with live vocals (Nadia Sessen) and tablas (Shree Deepayan). They created the project when Neerav got the green light to headline the Montreal and Val David Flow events with a new live act.

Boreal Groove

Boreal Groove features two members of Apadoorai: Michel Dubeau (flute and wind instruments), and Rudy Gagnon (didgeridoos). They’ve headlined several major world music festivals across Quebec to great acclaim.