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DJ Neerav

Delivering the vibe for your musical events


With over 25 years of experience playing festivals worldwide, DJ Neerav is your go to artist. Whether it’s rocking the main stage, or playing the chill, Neerav’s music shines bright, day or night.

Many packages are available, including: DJ, live act, and full band.

Experience makes the difference, and DJ Neerav was selected to play the coveted closing set for the luminary Open Mind Festival in Quebec, playing back to back as both DJ and live band (Taina). He’s played the Festival du Percussion de Longueuil, Festival Mont Tremblant, Festival des Traditions du Monde (Sherbrooke) both as a DJ and with one of his other live projects: Boreal Groove.

He’s headlined and played hundreds of trance festivals, world beat festivals and ambient gatherings over the years (including Shambhalla on the West Coast, Universo Parallelo in Brazil, Antaris in Germany, Samothraki Festival in Greece, and Earth Dance in California) and is known for tuning in and delivering ‘the vibe’.

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Ecstatic Dance

DJ Neerav is the creator and founding father of Dance Jam. Dance Jam is a process that allows participants to explore movement with others and self through the language of presence and dance.

Dance Jam is acknowledged to be the precursor to the wonderful Flow events that happen regularly in the Montreal region (produced by flow guru, Solomon Krueger) and beyond. Since the beginning, DJ Neerav’s been one of the resident DJs at both the Flow Montreal, as well as a co-organizer and DJ of the Flow Val David (along with Marie-Eve Collette and DJ Eoka) which features live music as well as DJs.

A typical Ecstatic Dance event such as Dance Jam or Flow starts with an opening ritual particular to the theme of the night. Often, it’s in the form of an opening circle with participants holding hands, allowing them to tune in, ground in their presence and symbolically connect to everyone present, followed by an Om.

Following this, the theme of the class is stated, setting an intention and creating a safe space for all to share and enjoy, followed by some ice-breaking fun exercises to activate the body and awareness.

Throughout the jam, guided exercises can be strategically offered, followed by long periods free form exploration and dance, allowing participants to slowly return to a sense of belonging to a tribe.

At all times, people are encouraged to be authentic with their needs and respect where they are, regardless of the suggested exercises. Everyone leaves feeling whole, connected, refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to embrace life!

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With several years experience working in an office environment for high level I.T. support, DJ Neerav understands the unique requirements and protocol of corporate events.

Whether you are looking for assistance in the planning and coordination of your event from A -Z, background music for a corporate launch, or want to make a splash with a staff party, DJ Neerav has all your needs covered.

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A wedding is a time of joy, family and communion. And what better way to share the love than with some outstanding music?

From welcoming ambience, to dinner music, to dance, DJ Neerav is there for you and your guests. With a wide collection of ethno and world music, as well as pop, DJ Neerav provides for your cultural needs with ease and grace, ensuring that everyone and every generation is left with a smile on their face.

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Yoga Events

Resident DJ for Wanderlust Yoga in Montreal, DJ Neerav is adept at tuning in and providing the perfect music and vibe for the flow of your class.

From the opening Om, to the stillness of Savasana, and for every asana between, a perfect foundation for each student’s practice is provided.

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Book Neerav for any workshop requirements you may have. Consultations available.

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