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Welcome to my very first website (and blog)!

Many a times I’ve read on DJ sites and email newsletters how anyone can set up a site nowadays in an afternoon. Well, if that’s the case, I must be….um, ‘special’?

It took me the better part of several months to get my site up and running. Granted, I had a quarter of a century of material to peruse to decide what to put up online.  And I had to organize each section meticulously. Oh, and there were delays from my (lovely) webmaster of course due to availability constraints. It probably didn’t help that I changed the entire ‘look’ of the site at least once -well, only once (phew!)…in other words, it’s been a long road getting to the point of being (almost) ready to launch the site…

And the reality is, after months and months of hard work, my work has just begun. All of a sudden, making mixes isn’t enough anymore. I have to get to grips with the tools of the web, all Template this, and SEO that, and Mailchimp blah blah blah…Backdraft back me ups, and plug ins saying: “Hey, plug me in!”. Not to mention the need to brush up on my Facebook marketing skills, having to begrudgingly open a Instagram AND Twitter account -all the while I was hoping to keep a low profile and have to spend LESS time on the computer or smart phone, (lol, say whaaaat? Keep dreaming buddy!).

But it doesn’t end there…oh no…according to my webmaster I need to learn Photoshop. Photoshop? I’ve got my hands full with Cubase for crying out loud! Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt to learn Visual Composer while I’m at it. The challenges of maintaining a website and marketing a DJ profile are many. All these tools that apparently make it ‘so much easier than it use to be’ to do things, take some learning to get your head around, and then you have to actually keep them humming and doing stuff.

So, it is with much joy, and a tinge of regret (as in missing the ‘good old days’), that I present to you my centralized hotspot for all things DJ Neerav. Serving the music community over the years has brought so much goodness into my life and the lives of others. I hope this site reflects that.

Thanks for checking in whenever you have time and please leave some feedback. I will be offering exclusive goodies over the coming months, yada, yada, yada, you know the drill… 😉

Always good to hear from ya!
DJ Neerav


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